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“Most Mira has done more for reconciliation in Bosnia than the High Representative has ever done”     Lord Paddy Ashdown

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Building a Bridge of Peace


Most Mira means Bridge of Peace, and that is what we do - we help to build bridges between divided communities in Bosnia especially in the rural Northwest. 

The 1990s war claimed more than 100,000 lives in Bosnia. Prijedor, where Most Mira is rooted, witnessed the formation of the first concentration camps on European soil since WWII. The divisions have persisted to this day resulting in young people growing up, living and studying in often segregated schools. The stagnant economy and dangerously high unemployment rate – especially among young people – only serve to engrain existing divisions in the community still riven by mistrust more than two decades after the war.


The dominant war narrative, which serves to point the finger of blame at the other, stunts young people’s ability to bridge ethnic and religious fault lines and hinders their ability to imagine a different, brighter future. Most Mira opens up this restricted space encouraging open dialogue amongst young people. Creative projects enable their imagination to mix with reality helping them to overcome continuing divisions to build a more inclusive and peaceful society.


Our aims


Most Mira works to promote a peaceful future in a country first divided by war and now divided by negative peace. For us peacebuilding involves outstretching your hand to break the invisible barrier between communities, aiming to create a chain of events that will lead to a better understanding of the other.


Most Mira’s approach focuses on addressing three obstacles to maintain peace in northern Bosnia:

1.       ethnic segregation of young people;

2.       lack of safe spaces for young people;

3.       lack of opportunities for young people.

How we make this happen

Through art and education projects, Most Mira has worked with over 1,500 young  Serbs, Muslims, Croats, Roma and others, as well as their teachers and parents.


Our projects give young people the chance to form new and lasting friendships across ethnic and religious divides, and to help develop their confidence to become leaders in their community.


The Most Mira Peace Centre, currently being built, will provide a sustainable performance space for project delivery and crucially a safe space which young people can use to continue developing their own projects.


You can help to support our work – donate now

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Breaking News

On November 13th 2021, we won the international LafargeHolcim Award for Sustainable Construction, European Silver Award. This was in collaboration with Project V Architecture and includes a $50,000 prize which will contribute towards building costs. Read more on our news page.

Our projects

Theatre Projects


Most Mira’s Project on Peacebuilding (PoP) is a week long course delivered through workshops and site visits which focus on the history, context, and changing politics of peacebuilding in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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In 2012, Most Mira was asked by young Bosnians to establish a permanent presence, a safe space free from political pressure that can be used throughout the year. Most Mira is transforming a war-damaged house into a Peace Centre for the young people.

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