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Annual Review of 2015 Activities

A summary of Most Mira's activities in 2015, which featured the third annual Peacebuilding Project, a Theatre Project called Magic Mountain and an Exhibition to showcase the proposed Youth Centre which resulted from the architects' workshops of 2014.

Annual Review of 2014 Activities

Most Mira's activities in 2014 included a Theatre Project in May that involved 40 young people and 8 teachers from 4 schools and a Humanity in Action project on peacebuilding that involved commemoration, storytelling and also flood relief efforts.

Annual Review of 2013 Activities

The 2013 activities included a performance of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream featuring 40 young people from 4 schools, 8 teachers and 20 international volunteers.

Annual Review of 2012 Activities

In 2012 Most Mira ran pilot drama and arts workshops throughout the year including a project with Ljubija Youth Centre, Most Mira’s longstanding partner, to produce a play about young people's experiences of family life and the challenges faced growing up in one of the most economically deprived areas of Europe.

Annual Review of 2011 Activities

2011 saw the fourth festival to be held in Kevljani. This year featured over 435 children from all ethnic backgrounds with the support of over 100 volunteers from 17 countries. The theme of the year was "Journeys" and Action Teams from both Bosnia and the UK came together to create the festival.

Annual Review of 2010 Activities

In 2010 Most Mira hosted the 2nd festival in Kevljani, which involved over 400 young people from local schools across the ethnic divide assisted by 93 volunteers from 16 countries. This year's theme was "Dreams of the Future" and it sought to build on the successes of the previous year and the lessons learned.

Annual Review of 2009 Activities

2009 saw the inaugural festival held in Kevljani, Northern Bosnia. 375 children from 5 schools and youth organisations attended the 5 day workshops and then performed on the Saturday to over 1,000 friends and family. The organisation was assisted by 68 volunteers from 16 countries.


Please see the following documents which have been published discussing the work of Most Mira:


Research in Drama Education: "Confronting Medusa in post-conflict Bosnia" by Maja Milatovic-Ovadia, published June 2015


Humanity in Action report: "Engaging Youth in Peacebuilding through Art in Bosnia & Herzegovina", published 2013


MA Dissertation: "Building a Bridge of Peace" by Katherine Gill, published 2012

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