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The whole world is a stage

Although the Romans recorded ars gratia artis (Art for art's sake) in the case of the placement of the theatre as an artistic form of the educational process will not gain value. The "Project on Peace building" camp changes the mindset of an person and puts him in the position of critical-creative thinker on very important topics that have been studied, both theoretically and practically, which are: human rights, victims, life and war, truth and facts, trauma - individual and collective, memorials and the process of memorialisation. Group art therapies with adults and young people can be very useful processes in overcoming traumatic experiences of the first and second generations. For young people, the closer form of the the theatre is one which in the 19th century gained educational and revolutionary function. The intent of such a theatre is one of bringing people together, the development of healthy dialogue between differences, a safe zone for personal and social development, as well as an understanding of true freedom of speech.

It is precisely the activities that we worked on during this program that are a strong indicator that theatre can be a means of telling strong stories of our society that, with great joy, the audience accepts in a positive way without any animosity. The project also brought together work to create a memorial proposal for the victims of this country. Nationality should not be important to the victim, but we are witnessing that monuments persistently highlight one sided narratives. Using a creative writing technique, with help of American writer Dina Greenberg, I created a text proposal for a memorial fountain commemorating all the victims of this country.

The fog slept on the fragile shoulders that carry the future of the planet. Sinking into a deep dream, the soul escapes into the endless distances alien to an ordinary human who wants to live only an ordinary and happy life.

Stoga, umjetnost treba da govori i ovakvim temama jer totus mundus agit histrionem (cijeli svijet je pozornica)!

Therefore, art should also speak to topics like this because totus mundus agit histrionem (the whole world is a stage).


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