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We cannot find peace, we have to build peace

What is the hardest question you have asked yourself? Have you ever asked yourself if so-called peace was possible? This is the question that has rolled over my head for the last couple of days. Throughout this blog, I will try to demonstrate to you, my point of view on this question.

First and foremost, if we want to answer this question we have to start with ourselves. If we start to doubt from “which” side should the first step of reconciliation come, we are on the wrong path. Every person has some prejudices. It is up to us to allow them, or not, to affect how we think and act. If we want to build peace, regardless of the parties involved - it can be between our family members, teachers or fellow citizens - the first step is to understand why we want to do it. Is it because it is currently popular to do so or is it because we truly want to find peace?

Photo by Maida Štulanović

Additionally, one of the questions that I had thought about most during this peacebuilding programme was: “What does peace mean and how can we find it?” In everyday life we are surrounded by various things that do not feel right or acceptable - from family issues to the global problems. What happens in the world is far beyond the ability of one individual to change it, and that is the reason why we have to focus on changing ourselves first. Humans are always capable of improving themselves. One important lesson that I have learnt is: we are able to become the best person possible on this planet. On the flip side, we can also become the most wicked individual that has ever lived, because we are all capable of doing things that are disgusting and far beyond normal.

I believe that we cannot FIND peace. Rather, we have to BUILD peace, because it requires some kind of personal growth and development. Whenever we had to learn something, initially we were given some lectures about it. Before we started walking, we tried hundreds of times before we made our first step and succeeded, without counting how many times we fell down. It is the same with peacebuilding. We need to first educate ourselves about it. We then need to think about it and understand it in some way. If our thoughts are constantly filled with other people - how it is their responsibility to start building peace - we will not be able to make a change in this world and consequently we will not create peace. We blame others for doing nothing, but can our blame be justified? Will we find “complete peace” if one of “them” says to us that they feel sorry for what happened and that they want to make peace? I do not think so, because whatever we do humans will never be satisfied. That is the reason why it is in us to build the peace that we want, and only then, we can be fulfilled with the final outcome.


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