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Project on Peacebuilding 2015

This week we will host the 3rd annual Project on Peacebuilding in Kevljani in northern Bosnia. For the next 5 days, participants gather from Bosnia, Denmark, United Kingdom, and the U.S. The group will explore the work of local peacebuilding in Prijedor and the surrounding region. Look for reflection posts from all our participants and summaries of the workshops!

About the Program:

The project will include workshops, discussions, site visits, and trainings that explore how arts, activism, and youth can contribute to local and national peacebuilding in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Participants will engage in discussions about the legacy of conflict and current human rights issues in the region, participate in art workshops, and develop advocacy skills through specialized trainings. The group will include 10 people representing the Bosnian and international community, in addition to artists and activists from the Prijedor area.

The Context:

Since the war ended almost two decades ago, tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina between members of different ethnic groups pose significant social, political and economic challenges. The conflict has marked the Prijedor region, which saw several tragedies, including displacement, detention camps, and recently discovered mass graves. Young people in the region grow up in segregated communities, attend ethnically divided schools, and learn divergent histories. Despite these issues, the international community has largely ignored the region and institutionalized the divides in the local communities. Our project will provide a space for young activists to share ideas about current challenges, contribute to an ongoing peacebuilding project, and learn advocacy tools that they can employ to help improve their home communities. This project also builds on a partnership between Humanity in Action and Most Mira begun two years ago; you can find more information on our project blog:

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